Truth Be Told? I get better, Not bitter.

I just want to thank everyone that took the time to visit the introduction of We all “expect” people to support from their own city to begin, but often it takes the people you don’t even know to appreciate the hard work that you’ve done. I never really understood why this happens in my city but I don’t take it personally. I believe it’s because there is some “I have something to prove jealous mentality.” I don’t always support some artist here not because I think I’m this and that, but because I don’t like their work (it’s “usually” outdated and uninspiring I believe (some) we can do better but they cannot take constructive criticism) and/or as being into music you tend to be into your own work and focused on finding your audience. You listen to others but as an artist you don’t want to do what they’re doing. Sometimes you have to listen to find out what direction people are going in, or you’ve already been inspired by an artist and you want to compliment them. It can go either way. I just know that i will never stop giving the world my gifts unappreciated, unnoticed, and/or celebrated. The perception?: unknown..the reality: recognized. It is what it is. Humble confidence. I’m always a work in progress. A.Watson

Whenever I want it to be.

imageThinking about and missing my dad. I’m thankful that I can hear the stories about their relationship from my mother. He was never perfect, he was feared at a young age, but grew to live passed (past) his past to make up for it by loving his family the way they should’ve been loved. I needed to understand him so I would not take a similar path. Very Hard Forgiveness* Terrible Mistakes..Both of them. What we all do..make mistakes. [mother and father’s day] whenever I want it to be.

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